GRACE ŒS (BETA) is an immersive, audio-visual installation, enveloping visitors in a future world, the AMORPHOCENE. In this post-Anthropocentric era humans have learned to become shapeshifters, merging as one with the more-than-human world, designing technologies indistinguishable from nature.

        GRACE ŒS (BETA) was open until 6 MARCH, 2022 at BUITENPLAATS DOORNBURGH in MAARSEN, the NETHERLANDS. The installation was situated within the ‘ROBOTS in CAPTIVITY’ exhibition, alongside work from other artists and designers exploring human/machine relationships.

        Using an immersive sound experience and procedural 3D imagery we’re able to position the audience directly within a future world. The experience could be very disorienting, pushing against people’s accustomed perceptions and comfort levels. By transporting people into strange new realms we provoke the possibility for a transformation of their perception, from worry to hope for the future, and from being disconnected from nature to being intertwined with it.